Saturday, 12 March 2016

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Service Fast and Fair price

Get Your Wheels back to Brand New with competitive prices

We carry out all work on site at our alloy wheel refurbishment centre

We bring alloy wheels back to their original condition, powder coated ,QC and Tyre fitting ( ++ Loan Wheel Service)

Call us: 020 8567 1713 or Text 07 731 968 575 


Diamond Cut Alloys is a premium service that offers the finest finish for your alloy wheels
alloy wheel is placed into the lathe for precision cutting, the Diamond Cutting process starts the lathe spins the alloy wheel at very high speeds with the cylinder that holds the alloy in place by slowly and gradually coming closer and closer to the alloy wheel, an incredibly precise sharp blade cutting off  thin/fine layer of the metal.

The process is completed by coating the rim with a scratch proof lacquer and baked in our alloy wheel oven. At this stage the alloys are carefully quality checked by our technicians to ensure it meets our high standards of finish.  

At Alloy Wheel Repair Centre ...Specialist’s  diamond cut finishes and
durable powder coating alloy wheel refurbishment service

Monday, 26 January 2015

We have supplied many celebrity clients, Europe's monarchies and Arab monarchies, Musicians, Sportsmen and High profile customers due to professional of our high quality in Alloy Wheel specialist

  we are all very pleased to see James

James Caan 's Ferrari _Full Refurbished by Powder coated & Diamond cut —  Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

James Cann Entrepreneur from Dragon Den with Jay Admin 's Alloy Wheel repair Centre
James 's ferrari wheels before diamond cut

James 's wheels after full refurbishment process.
Tyre fitting and Balancing done fully QA and safety checked up Ready for Super Car.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Massive banner

Alloy Wheel Repair Centre will be putting up Big vinyl banner sign soon. you can easily see from the Mian Uxbridge, Hanwell Junction

Friday, 8 August 2014

Alloy Wheel Repair Centre : Customers satisfied

98% customers were satisfied

Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment Centre  are proud that our average quality satisfaction ratio is 98%  (CSS customer satisfaction surveys 2013)